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Ice Slicer® RS

High Performance, Low Corrosion, Naturally Colored and Mineralized

Ice Slicer® is a naturally occurring mined rock salt that contains a combination of naturally occurring complex chlorides, trace minerals, and micro nutrients. Ice Slicer's unique blend of natural chlorides outperforms liquid anti-icing chemicals and rock salt. Based on independent lab tests, Ice Slicer will melt effectively to 0°F (a full 22°F lower than regular road salt) and will melt a minimum of 30% more snow and Ice in the first 30 minutes of application compared to traditional white salt. Ice Slicer contains a maximum of 3% total moisture. This product is comprised of at least 90% Sodium Chloride in combination with other chlorides. Ice Slicer is treated with an anti-clumping agent to improve storage and handling. It's natural, homogenous, and non-leaching color aids in application techniques and enhances solar energy absorption to assist in the melting process. Ice Slicer is a minimum of 20% less corrosive than traditional white salt. It also contains Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc and other trace minerals and micro nutrients to buffer the effects of sodium chloride on vegetation and the environment. Ice Slicer will not leach, and does not stain concrete or asphalt. Storing this product inside is not required but recommended. Ice Slicer will outperform white salt at all temperatures by creating better traction and reducing corrosion, while also eliminating the need for sand.

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